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Penentuan Lokasi Rumah Pemotongan Unggas (RPU) Kota Palangka Raya (Determination of RPU Location at the City of Palangka Raya)

By : Nina Ariani1), Baba Barus2), Fredian Tonny Nasdian2). 1) Staff of Veterinary and Animal Office in the City of Palangka Raya, Central Kalimantan, 2) Lecturer in the Study Program of Regional Planning, Post Graduate, of IPB. This paper is a part of master thesis in Regional Planning, of IPB (April 2012) and it will be published in a journal of Regional Planning and Development of Crespent.


The poultry slaughterhouse is a complex of buildings with a specific design and construction that meets technical requirements and hygiene as well as used as a place to slaughter of poultry in order to obtain a safe, healthy, whole, and halal of meat quality for the welfare of veterinary public. The planning of the poultry slaughterhouse (RPU) locations can be done by considering the physical, socio economic, and spatial aspect using the integration of Geographic Information Systems technology (GIS) with analytical Hierarchy process coupled with Multi Criteria Evaluation (AHP and MCE) to support a decision making. In this study, physical parameters consist of : accordance with RTRW (Regional City Spatial Plan), not in flood prone areas, not in a densely populated neighborhood, free of odor and pollution, have sufficient land areas and road accessibility, and distance from markets. Social parameters cover preferences of public, poultryman, and merchants. The results indicate that the direction of the RPU location refers to the preferences of the public and the pressure of the population density. The final RPU locations are selected in the villages of Petuk Katimpun, Panarung, Bukit Tunggal, and Menteng.

 Keywords: location, poultry slaughterhouse, GIS, MCE, AHP.

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