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Studi Pengembangan dan Peran Agribisnis Hortikultura terhadap Perekonomian Wilayah di Kabupaten Karo Sumatra Utara (Study of The Development and The Role of Horticultural Agribusiness on Regional Economy in Karo Regency, North Sumatra Province) 1)

By: Rimta Terra Rosa2), Setia Hadi3), Baba Barus4)

1) Paper is a part of Master Thesis in the Regional Planning Course in IPB, Dec 2011; 2)  Staff of Ministry of Agriculture, Indonesia; 3) Lecturer in Department of Architecture Landscape, Faculty of Agriculture IPB;  4) Lecturer in Department of Soil Science and Land Resources, Faculty of Agriculture, IPB


Agribusiness is a system consists of up stream agribusiness, on farm agribusiness, downstream agribusiness, and supporting subsystem. The better linkages between agribusiness systems, the greater  role of agribusiness system in the regional economy. These linkages result in rotation of added value, thus providing a multiplier effect on the regional economy. The purpose of the study  are (1) to analyze the role of horticulture agribusiness system in regional economy of Karo Regency (2) to describe the development of the agribusiness sub-system of horticulture, (3) to evaluate the condition and completeness of the settlements systems and agribusiness system and (4) to evaluate the structure of supply chain in horticulture agribusiness system.  The analysis used in this study are description of the agribusiness system, infrastructure analysis (scalogram), margin suplly chain analysis, and input-output analysis.

Horticulture sectors has significant Direct Backward Linkage  with manufacturing Industry. Although the contribution to the formation of GDP and total output are not significant, but the sector has good role in a multiplier effect. Up-stream and on farm agribusiness subsystems were developed than down-stream subsystem. The development of the up-stream subsystems are identified based on the acces of farmers to obtain the primary inputs of agricultural production. Downstream subsystems are subsystem that have not been developed yet. Horticulture processing industry and its supporting infrastructure are not available in Simpang Empat, Tiga Panah and Barus Jahe. The post harvest infrastructure are still limited. The small scale farmers and farmers enterprises did not have power to access them. The lock of post –harvest infrastructure has implied to the low bargaining position of farmers in trade.  This is reinforced by the lowest of margin trade which was obtained by farmer, than any other elements in trade. Horticulture sector has a stronger linkage  with  up-stream  sectors than down-stream sector.

Keywords:  Agribusiness, Horticulture, Input-Output, Regional Economy.


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