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Strategi Pengembangan Agroindustri Kakao di Provinsi Sumatra Barat (Development Strategy for Cocoa Agroindustry in West Sumatra Province)1)

By: Masruri2), Baba Barus3), Sapta Raharja4)

1) Paper is a part of Master Thesis in Regional Planning Course, IPB, Feb 2012; 2)Extention officer inAgency for Regional Extention of Agriculture, Fishery and Forestry, Lima Puluh Kota District, West Sumatra, 3) Lecturer in Faculty of Agriculture, IPB, 3) Lecturer in Faculty of Agricultural Technology, IPB


West Sumatra sought to put itself as one of the center development regions of cacao in the Western region of Indonesia. Development of agro industry in West Sumatra is being constrained by human resources, capital, technology and markets.  The study of representative agro industry area of cocoa products zoning complete with identification of product, technological and institutional support, are badly needed in the development strategies cocoa agro industry in West Sumatra. The purposes of this research are: (1) to analyze the zoning as a representative area for the region’s cocoa agro industry, (2) to identify the type of product, technology, institutions who manages the processing of cocoa in the province of West Sumatra and (3) to analyze the financial feasibility for agroindustri of cocoa technology in West Sumatra). This research was conducted in the province of West Sumatra from August 2011 until December 2011 using primary data and secondary data. This research used Multiple Criteria Analysis (Spatial-AHP), the Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) and financial analysis. The result of this research have found 12 from 19regencies and cities as zoning suitable area for the location of cocoa agro industry in West Sumatra. Cocoa processing with priority for tertiary products developed in the West Sumatra. Small scale and medium technology of cocoa agro industry was elected by expert. The value of Return of Investment, Benefit/Cost and Nett Present Value respectively of 7 years; 1,60, and Rp 5.006.854.807,-.Cocoa agro industry management in West Sumatra conducted by a private institution and public private partnership institution as priority.

Keywords : cocoa agroindustry, zoning, the strategy, West Sumatra Province


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