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Discussion : A National Strategic of Sustainable Management for Peat Land in Indonesia

Currrently, this national strategic is being developed by Ministry of Environment (MoE), and discussed in Hotel Salak, Bogor, 07 March 2012 with team member from IPB and MoE: Hermono Sigit, Komarsa G, Baba Barus, Hermanu Wijaya, Muslihuddin, Derta Yanwijaya, Huda Achsani, Teguh Iman Soli, Eko and Srihastuti


Peat land in Indonesia is one resource for sustainable development for people and country prosperity.  Peat land is a fragile and unique land with particular capacity for its utilization., so that  using this land has to accordance with its carrying capacity that are developed as a protection and culvitated region. Criteria for development this category is peat hydrological unit (KHG – Kesatuan Hidrologis Gambut); and for its policy development and further utilization should be supported by other environment data such as sediment type, hydrotopographyc character, land cover, land status, and others.

The strategy peat land management compose of 7 issues, are institution function, KHG in spatial planning, data and information, technology utilization with local situation, stake holder participation, degradation and land and forest fire control, and budgeting. Furthermore, several action program are developed accordance to its ideal strategic accompanying with actual spatial and current government program in emission reduction.


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