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Development of GIScience in Bogor Agricultural University (IPB)

By: Dr Baba Barus,  Department of Soil Science and Land Resource,   Faculty of Agriculture, IPB, Presented at Workshop of GIScience in Environmental Management, host Department of Computer Science, IPB, Bogor, 31 October 2011


GIScience in IPB has been develop since 1970’s through courses of geodesy, aerial photo in Faculty of Forestry; Aerial Photo, Remote Sensing and Cartography in Faculty of Agriculture in late 1980’-1990s; remote sensing, GIS and spatial database in Faculty Agriculture, Math and Natural Science, Faculty of Marine and Fishery and Faculty of Agricultural Technology in  2000’s.  Now GIScience in IPB has  been serviced in  many study programs, range from basic science  to applied science. Some explanation for applications are shown in this presentation, particularly in agriculture, environment and information system. Prominent research / project using a great number of remote sensing and many GIS methods are informed such as  mapping of palm oil, rubber, cacao, development of paddy field region for protection, development of peat land for protection and cultivation area, development of river database and information system, and others are shown in the paper

keywords: GISscience evolution, basic science, environment, agriculture, information system


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