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Spatial configuration based on carrying capacity concepts: Case studies of Citarum and Musi watersheds

La Ode Syamsul Iman(2, Bambang H. Trisasongko(1,2, Baba Barus(1,2, Dyah R. Panuju(1,2, Diar Shiddiq(2

1) Dept. of Soil Science and Land Resources, Bogor Agricultural University. Jalan Meranti. Bogor 16680  2) P4W/CRESTPENT, Bogor Agricultural University. Jalan Pajajaran. Bogor, 16144 email: odesyam74@gmail.com

 Disajikan di Seminar New Perspective of tropical Forest Rehabilitation for Better Forest Fnction and Management di UGM 2011


Land management in upper watersheds involves some interactions among land and water resources, manpower, technology, economics and social aspects. Land use dynamics in the upstream have logical consequences on changing spatial configuration and diversity of land requirements, which lead to spatially-varying land quality. Evaluation of land utilization should be taken into account to control land use conversion, which is naturally arduous to predict, especially in Indonesia. National policy on spatial planning requires special, implementable approaches, preferably spatial-based.  Monitoring scheme, regular  recording and field validation were primary consideration in this research, driven by physical aspects and understanding of limiting factors to land utilization. The research   assessed spatial valuation based on three scenarios: (i) suitability of land utilization using land suitability approach; (ii) suitability of land utilization according to spatial planning; and (iii) suitability of spatial planning in association with land capability. Those three scenarios provided optimum configuration of lands and an aid to assess deviance to current spatial planning.

Keywords: carrying capacity, watershed, land capability, land use

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